Tuesday, June 22, 2010

saengil chukhae~ Our Leader Love!!

eh-tau-ga-sih-lo nih hari apa... what? selasa?? ngaco' lu! orang bego' juga tau kalee.. i mean, is there something special about today? EHM. oke deh gue kasi tau. today is yonghwa's 22nd birthday so, i just wanna say


wish great things come with your birthday
be happy

keep healthy
always take care your self
make more good songs in the future
and then
PLEASE come to Indonesia so soon for a perfect live concert

yeah. our waiting for YOU

semoga aje didenger ama yang di Atas karena ntu doa dari hati saia yang paling dalam*najong sekalee*. terutama doa yang terakhir tuh.. ngarep bener dah..:D HAHA~. gitu doang deh. o iye, don't forget to trend YONGHWA at 6PM KST (4PM WIB) on twitter ya guys

BOICESLet's spread the C.N BLUE Love Love Love


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